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we saved you so you'd save the world

wanna leave but the world won't let me go

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Name:Commander Adelaide Shepard
Birthdate:Apr 11
a banner reading N7, Shepard's efficiency and combat ranking
send us a blindfold, send us a blade
Lt. Commander Adelaide Shepard. Paragon. Earthborn Survivor. Spectre. Doer of impossible deeds. Infiltrator. Battlemaster. Honorary Quarian captain. Post-Mass Effect 2, post-Arrival.

tell the survivors help is on the way
Protagonist of the Mass Effect series. A soldier from the 22nd Century who investigated a corrupt operative, uncovered an ancient cycle of galactic extinction,and stopped it. Killed in action shortly after, then brought back to life two years later to do it all again. Betrayed her human supremacist benefactors, helped appoint a new Shadow Broker, and held off the Reaper invasion at the cost of 300 thousand innocent lives. Held off for now, anyway. Currently working on saving the galaxy for a third (and, one way or another, final) time.

I've got us a battle-- leave it up to me
Good, but not nice. Problem solver. Krogan headbutter. Part cyborg. Enjoys throwing curve balls at enemies. Preferred weapon the M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle. Finds facial scars attractive. Ex-girlfriend of the new Shadow Broker.

wanna leave, but the world won't let me go
Saved the Rachni. Talked Wrex down on Saren's genophage cure. Saved most of Kirrahe's team. Lost a comrade on Virmire. Saved the Destiny Ascension. Put Udina on the Council. Reluctantly worked with Cerberus. Built a large, loyal team for the Omega-4 suicide mission. Saved them all. Destroyed the base. Killed a yahg. Rescued David Archer. Shot Dr. Kenson. Stopped the Arrival.

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